Technology has brought us to the point that we no longer have to rearrange our schedules or fumble with clunky VCRs to catch our favorite TV shows.

All of the major cable providers offer Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), and there are some excellent third party units, like my personal favorite, TiVo.

What this technology means is that you no longer have to put plans off on, say Tuesday night, so you can catch your favorite show when it's on. All you have to do is set the DVR and let it go.

Many DVRs even allow you to skip through commercials. In the end, it's actually a time saver when you can watch an hour long program in only about 45 minutes after skipping the ads.

There's even another option - most cable companies also offer "On Demand" service that allows you to watch popular shows that have already aired.

So these days, there's no reason to ever miss an episode of your favorite show anymore.

Do you take advantage of DVR and On Demand technology or do you still like to watch your favorite shows when they air live? Vote below and let us know!