Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger made a shocking confession recently:  he never washes his Levi's!  Telling the TMZ cameraman that he likes the "broken in" fit of unwashed jeans, Hilfiger has me wondering if it's really okay to keep jeans out of the hamper.  The Levi's company apparently recommends putting jeans in the freezer (in a sealed plastic bag) for 24 hours.  This supposedly kills bacteria that can cause odor, and doesn't ruin the color or fit.  Other fashion folks recommend just washing jeans in cold water with no soap.  I'll admit I usually wear my jeans 3 or 4 times before I throw them in the wash.   The thought of going longer, MUCH longer without cleaning seems a little strange to me.  Do you wash your jeans?   How often?  Have you ever tried the freeze-clean method?

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