I have a feeling the worst is over.  The snow, I mean.  We're halfway through the month and my gut is telling me that spring wants to get sprung.  Does that mean it's time to pack away the parka and snow boots?  Um, probably not, just because...well, you never know.  BUT, If I were a betting woman, I'd put a little money down and say temps will be getting warmer from here on out.  And I just may put the shovel and rock salt back in the basement.

Is this based in any science?  None whatsoever!  That's why we have Meteorologist Dan Zarrow on staff!  But it's just my feeling after the recent storms.  Something's telling me that that was the worst of it so we can start to look forward to warmer drier days.

If my hunch is accurate, I'll be very happy!  Not a fan of winter, I want spring to start as soon as possible!

I've seen some crocuses coming out of the ground so I'm officially on "Team Spring!"  What's your hunch?  Do you think we're done with storms and can put away our shovels for the season?

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