My friend just bought a house near Sea Isle City.  It's where he and his family would go when he was a kid.  It's where he's been taking his family to over the years.  And now, it's where he and his wife will entertain their grandkids.

Our happy childhood memories make a lasting impact on us.  The more people I talk to, the more people speak of their loyalty to one particular beach town.  I think everyone agrees the Jersey Shore is loaded with great options; whether you want a beach for swimming, a beach for lounging, a beach for boogie boarding, or a boardwalk for food and games.  But with so many attractive options, how do you choose where to spend a day or a week?

I'm guessing some will drive to the place that's closest.  If free time is precious, they would rather spend it at the beach rather than travelling to the beach.  But as I mentioned earlier, childhood memories may also play a role.

I'm actually envious of all of you who grew up right near the beach.  For me, a day at the beach involved an unpleasant long drive from Queens to Jones Beach on Long Island.  In traffic.  Another option involved taking a long, hot ride on a non-air conditioned bus out to Rockaway.

The Jersey Shore beaches are so much nicer, in my opinion.  But you already knew that, right?

I hope you get to spend some time at your favorite beach this weekend.  Where do you plan on going?

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