Do YOU remember the "gypsy moths" here in New Jersey in 70's & 80's?

Growing up here at the Jersey Shore, I remember living in Toms River in the early seventies and the extreme problem we had with "gypsy moths". They were everywhere! You couldn't even walk with feeling them crunch under your feet. According to a NJ.COM article nearly 260,000 acres were defoliated in the early 70's and an additional 800,000 in the early 80's! Ocean & Monmouth Counties saw invasions of the Gypsy Moth!

These bugs are not a welcomed sight and I recently spotted some having lunch on one of our oak trees! So I began wondering if YOU at home remember the infestation of the early 70's and 80's? and lets hope we don't see that ever again.

CLICK HERE to find more information on the Gyspy Moth

Have YOU spotted "gypsy moths" at your home this Summer?





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