The debate on marijuana continues here in the Garden State. Legalization of recreational marijuana is still up in the air as lawmakers look at various options. One of the latest ideas involves edibles. Some feel the marijuana edibles that resemble candy would be attractive to younger people and by banning edibles it would make passage of the legalization law easier.

Legislators in Trenton say they may need to ban edibles like gummy bears that contain cannabis – and that children may find a little too enticing – in order to push the legalization bill through.

In a recent Patch article the proposal was looked at and the benefits of possibly keeping edibles off the shelves. In the Patch article, If it's approved by January, pot wouldn't be sold in stores for another six months to a year after that because of the lengthy regulatory process that needs to be developed.

How do you feel about banning edibles in order to get marijuana legal?

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