Do YOU like the smell of fear? You are probably saying "Shawn what are you talking about?" well let me explain. Recently I was out with my Wife and Daughter and they wanted to do a lil shopping and I went along with them.


Shawn Michaels


One of the stops we made was at Bath and Body Works and while they picked up a few things I noticed they have a complete line of "scary" scents for Halloween....hence "the smell of fear". Now maybe I never noticed them or it's something new, but it was new to me.


Shawn Michaels


"Witch Please", "Trick or Treat", "Ghoul Friend" and "Vampire Blood" to name a few of the Halloween themed products. At first I laughed it off but after leaving I though I should have grabbed some of these, fun for Halloween and it just adds to the holiday. It'll be fun to see what names and scents they come up with in the future! Maybe one for St Patrick's Day .... Corned beef and cabbage? hmmmmm

What do you think? Is the "smell of fear" too much for YOU? 



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