I know this blog is going to be a little weird, but I have too.  These blogs we write everyday are a little about us and our opinions.  So with that said, I have to share my love for feet

And no I'm really not kidding.  Ever since I was a child, I remember looking at everybody's feet.  When Spring comes around that means pedicure.  A nicely colored toe nail is so exciting to me.  And think about it, our feet are very important to us.  They carry us through out the day.

And now my daughter at the age of 6 loves feet, too.  She loves getting pedicures and painting her toe nails.  So I'm even more in love with her feet.  Her feet are just perfect in every way.

Now, I realize I could get some criticism for this and the many discussions I've  had with my family and friends about this.  For the majority of the people in my life, they find feet gross.  They think feet -- they think eww.  I say, "Love me for my love for feet." 

Your feet might always be cold, your feet might be sweaty, your feet might be pretty or your feet might be ugly...either way we need our feet, and take good care of them, massage them and love them!

So for today and my love for feet...Enjoy the pictures!

Let's take an Ocean County FEET Poll!