Are you one of those people who relishes in other people’s misery?  I’m not talking about life or death matters or anything to do with health.  I’m thinking more of the simple everyday things like watching someone fall down and ruin their clothes, spill food on themselves, or strike out with the bases loaded in the company softball game.

Many of these things are harmless and frankly I don’t consider myself one who likes to see these things happen to people, whether I know them or not.  However I have to fess up and admit that does not apply to the beach and total strangers.

Last weekend we watched this group of men which started out with 2 and eventually doubled as they tried to set up a beach canopy which would provide shade for an infant.  My brother and I were somewhat fascinated with this effort which took way too long and clearly was not done correctly.  Is it wrong that we were rooting for the whole thing to fly up in the air and take off?  Let me state that the direction of the wind would have taken the tent to an area where nobody was sitting.  By the way nobody used it because flaps were flying around.

My somewhat beach nastiness can also spread to those who sit in front of me a bit too close.  Usually I set up at the high tide mark which means someone in front of me could get wiped out.  At times I have pointed this out to them and if they ignore the warning then I am rooting for a rogue wave to ruin their day.

You know I’m going to cease this somewhat childish behavior for the rest of this summer because it’s not right.  However I will still laugh when someone opens an umbrella on a windy day and it turns inside out.


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