Well you're about too...He's the 21 year old that just won The Masters.  I know nothing about golf but The Masters are pretty big!

I was with my Dad on Saturday and he was watching this golf game.  I said, "Dad do you really like this?"  "Can we turn the station?"  "NO Way, Sue...this is amazing" and went into this big conversation about golf and it's the biggest game and he can't miss any of it.  I got to thinking, should I be watching this game.  I tried, I promise you I tried..I just can't.  The low whispering, the negative numbers the birdies and bogies, I'll take miniature golf anytime.

But if you want to know all about Jordan Spieth (pronounced Speeth) on the golf course at The Masters...CLICK HERE!

I think he'll be on the golf course for a long time!  Congratulations Jordan!