Growing up I used to marvel at those students who each year would get the "perfect attendance" award. The idea of being in class every day of the semester was astonishing. Let's be honest we all, well most, took a sick day during the school year. So for those who made it in every single day, I applaud you.


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Now today's Shawn would be a much better student than "young" Shawn. I think many of you would agree that you grew into a much better worker/professional than maybe you were during your "student" days. I did fake a sick day or two lol and now the idea of doing so as "adult" Shawn seems very unlikely. Now I could get the perfect attendance award lol

So this new report that shows "faking" illness is a bit shocking and the fact that New Jersey ranks so high in the nation, well that is eye-raising. According to Moneypenny, "According to our findings, we can reveal that an incredible 50% of Americans have admitted to faking a sick day from work. This is evenly split between men and women, with half of each claiming they’ve called in with a pretend illness."

According to the report, less than a third (31.50%) are entitled to 0-9 days off, so some may feel forced to take a "fake" day.

Those taking a "fake" sick day by the numbers:

  • 25-34-year-olds (53%)
  • 45-54-year-olds (51%)
  • 18-24-year-olds (50%)
  • 55-64-year-olds (40%)
  • 65+ (45%)

State's by the numbers (% of participants who admitted faking a sick day)

  •  Montana (100%)
  • Vermont (100%)
  • Wyoming (100%)
  • North Dakota (75%)
  • New Jersey (69%)
  • New Mexico (67%)


So maybe this news is no news to you or maybe you are surprised that New Jersey made the TOP 5 list. Whatever the case, what are your thoughts? are you a better worker than a student when it comes to faking it? can you remember the last day you faked a sick day? post your comments below and let's see what you at home have to say.

Regardless of your approach to time off, we wish you good health :)


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