I just received a letter from my Chase bank branch in Toms River.

The Chase Bank branch will be closing in Downtown Toms River at 24 Main Street.

I recently went into the branch to open up a new account and the letter says we appreciate your business at this branch in Toms River, but we're permanently closing this branch on October 14th, 2021.

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If you have a Safe Deposit Box at this location at 24 Main Street in Toms River, you'll be receiving information soon or you can call 732-349-8690 to schedule an appointment to remove your items. The letter continues, we're limiting how many customers and employees are in the space at a time.

There are two Chase Bank branches in Toms River. One branch is located at 2 Rt. 37 W., in the ShopRite Plaza (this one is the closest to the one closing in Downtown Toms River), and at 1095 Rt. 37 W.

There are a couple of Chase Bank Branches throughout the county that are rather close by to Toms River:

744 Lacey Road in Forked River

499 Rt. 70 in Brick - Brick Marketplace

I have direct deposit so I don't have to go into a branch all the time, but for those of you that use this branch all the time or weekly when you get paid, the closest one for you will be the one in the ShopRite Plaza. The branch at the ShopRite Plaza is a little different than the one in Downtown Toms River. It's a little bit more "high tech."

I'm hoping that the employees that work at this branch will be moved to another branch close by and they don't lose their jobs. They always had smiled when I walked in.

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