If you ask anybody, we can all find positive and negative things to say about where we live whether you're from New Jersey, Vermont, Alaska, or California.

But a recent study set out to take a look at each state and pick the single worst county to live in.

Counties like Holmes County, Mississippi, where the poverty rate is a shocking 46.5%.

Or Union County, Florida, where the life expectancy is only 67.6 years (as compared almost all of the others, with longevity rates at 70 and above).

So, taking all of that into consideration, what about New Jersey?

According to the USAToday article, the worst county to live in for New Jersey is Cumberland County.

Here's what the article has to say about the Garden State's most southeastern county:

Cumberland has an adult bachelor's degree attainment rate of just 14.4%, compared to a state share of 38.1%. The county also has the highest poverty rate in the state among counties with at least 10,000 people, at 18.8% of residents, compared to a state poverty rate of 10.7%.

The study is pretty much based on straight numbers, not necessarily subjective opinions.

So, that being said, if they're going to name one for every state, unfortunately the title has to go to someone.

So, what do you think, does Cumberland County deserve the title as Jersey's worst?

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