Am I too old to be partying at D'Jais? That's the question I have been asking myself for the last 48 hours.

Before I even start, please don't think I am a creepy 75-year-old man trying to dance with a bunch of kids in their 20's. I'm not that old haha! I am 27, which is the perfect age to start questioning if you are too old to be partying at D'Jais.

Let's rewind to Saturday afternoon. I finished an awesome LIVE broadcast on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. It felt like an accomplishing day of work so I wanted to go out and celebrate. As I was getting home from the broadcast, in a group chat with friends, I got a message saying, "Let's do D'Jais at 4:30". My arm was immediately twisted...

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As you probably know, you really have to be in the right mindset before experiencing a few hours inside D'Jais. You really have to understand what you are getting yourself into. It's all gas and no breaks until you want to eat a slice of pizza next door from Mamalukes. For me, I was feeling great and mentally prepared to step inside the madness.

I love D'Jais and it will forever be a Jersey Shore staple. Sometimes waiting in line is a disaster but once you are in, it's a blast! On Saturday, I was with a great group of friends, the place was jumping and I was about four rum and cokes deep. We were really enjoying ourselves but as I scanned the crowd, I began to question if we were the oldest people in D'Jais? Did I peak in life? Did "life" just smack me in the face? I have been going to D'Jais since I was 21. I have great memories and I continue to build upon them, but is time running out?! Is this fuse getting too short? When will my time at this legendary place run out?

I don't know but I'll reevaluate my status again this Saturday. SEE YOU THERE - Jimmy G

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