As if Target was awesome enough, some stores in New Jersey are going to be getting a major addition inside.

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I have a love-hate relationship with Target. I love how they have quality and affordable stuff all under one roof. I sound like a commercial. However, I hate how I can never walk out of a Target with a receipt less than $100.

We all try to do the calculations when we are throwing things in the big red cart and think we have an accurate ballpark amount, but nope.

Target Sales Rise Over 17 Percent During Holiday Season
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Well, get ready for even more temptation because "mini-shops" are expected to land in select New Jersey Targets just in time for the Christmas season.

Disney Stores have been shutting down left and right, with the announcement of a bunch of closures just this week.

Don't be sad though, because Target announced it will add the Disney Store at Target to at least 100 additional stores. It is still unknown how many will be in Jersey and which lucky location(s) will get one.

This concept is becoming more and more common with Toys 'R Us, Sephora, and others using a similar business model.

While it's not the mall-sized Disney Store that we came to love, this is the next best thing to just shopping online.

What exactly is a mini-shop? Here's what Disney and Target have planned.

Courtesy of Target Brand, Inc. Disney Elements
Courtesy of Target Brand, Inc. Disney Elements

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