Now that we're well into spring 2019, ticks are already here in force, mosquitoes are starting to show up, and now reports are suggesting that we'll soon have to worry about another pest that could cause disease, as the "kissing bug" makes its way to the Northeastern states.

Experts have been keeping an eye on the pests, technically known as "triatomine" for some time now.

The bugs that can cause the deadly disease Chagas have been slowly making their way north from South and Central America, into the Southern United States, and are now being spotted in the Northeast.

Last week, the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention confirmed that a Delaware girl was bitten by a "kissing bug" late last summer.

Thankfully, reports that the girl didn't get sick, but the confirmation of the "triatomine" bug making its way as close to us as Delaware is a reality check that here in the Garden State we'll have to stay alert.

You can read much more about the "kissing bug" by clicking here for the CDC's page.


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