When you talk steak you are talking tradition and culinary arts. Whether you like a well done T-bone or a rare filet mignon, steaks are a traditional dinner item. I think everyone has their favorite, but with a wide variety of “steaks” it can be tough to say which one is best.

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Top steak cuts include T-Bone, Porterhouse, Ribeye, Filet Mignon, and New York Strip. Try picking a favorite out of those? I’d have to say I’d go with Ribeye or Filet Mignon. Each are delicious if you love beef and a good steak.

The next debate is the style cook you want on your steak . Let’s face it have you been shopping, you know the price of good steaks are high. If you are going to pay anywhere from $25 to $50 or more you want these steaks cooked the way you like them. Rare, medium, well-done etc. Picking your best cook is important, for me I’d go with medium to medium-well. I like a middle of the road cook.

For the record we don’t eat a huge amount of red-meat, many days we are close to vegetarian when it comes to our diet. This is obviously a personal choice, but for many we are watching “meat” consumption, simply a health choice.

Now as far as the “best” steakhouse in New Jersey? Well according to a recent article by Mashed, they have selected a steakhouse in Little Falls as their choice. Their choice in Passaic County is Rare - The Steak House. “At Rare, The Steak House, it's all about the steak. Select cuts of prime beef, cooked to your specifications, are presented with your choice of exceptional side dishes.”

According to Mashed, “This steakhouse is known for the way they've perfected the art of cooking steak exactly to your specifications. And, don't worry, despite the name of this eatery, you don't have to order your steak rare.”

Not only is “Rare, The Steak House” named as best in the Garden State it’s among those named as best in America. Have YOU ever been to this steakhouse? If so let us think what you thought of this steak house, we always encourage your personal reviews. Congratulations to “Rare” and be sure to visit all our wonderful restaurants here in Jersey and enjoy your dinner.


Unsplash.com iman zaker
Unsplash.com iman zaker


Post your thoughts below 👇🏻 and let us know your favorite cuts and cook on your steaks, just think backyard bar-b-q season is just around the corner :)


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