I've never heard of this rather new Halloween trend, but it sounds like an awesome idea that your kids might love.

Funny child dressed witch costume. Halloween holidays concept
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Trick-or-treat brings a lot of pumpkins filled with lots of candy. The Switch Witch is basically like the Tooth Fairy. Put the tooth under the pillow and hopefully get some money for a pearly white tooth. The Switch Witch brings a special gift or gifts trading the candy for a special surprise. Usually, there is A LOT candy - just think so much sugar in their little teeth, a sugar- high for hours, and possibly allergies. This sounds perfect for some families. CLICK HERE for the story of the Switch Witch.

Here are some helpful suggestions:

- Find a witch that you could use every year. It can be stuffed, ceramic, or anything witch related.

- Maybe play a game with the kids and have them hide the candy bag and by next morning there will be some kind of surprise - a special present, money, or anything you think would be a special surprise as they're waking up brought to them by the witch - (if they really, really want a piece of candy or 2 give it to them).

-Also there is great local "Halloween Candy Buy Back" in Toms River where the candy goes to the troops. CLICK HERE for information. Tell the kids to donate their candy and they'll put a smile on the face of our troops. Take the candy together as a family.

Have a fun and safe Halloween.


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