Before you say "What?" hear me out, if you never had an authentic "egg cream" you may just like this throwback drink. If you don't know what an egg cream is, let's give you some background. According to The Art of Manliness "The egg cream was almost surely the creation of NYC's Jewish immigrants, and its most commonly cited inventor is Louis Auster. Auster is said to have served the first egg creams in the 1890s from his Brooklyn candy shop." 


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So an egg cream is a simple drink with 3 ingredients milk, seltzer, and Chocolate or Vanilla syrup. As you can see there are no eggs or cream involved. How do you make an egg cream? Take a pint-sized glass and put a long spoon in it. Next, add a third of the glass with milk. Next tilt the glass and add seltzer water but leave an inch or so at the top. Finally, add your chocolate or vanilla syrup to the center of the glass to taste, some might like it more than others. Stir and enjoy.

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We asked you to tell us some great places in New Jersey to get an authentic "egg cream" and you gave us a list to look over this summer for delicious "egg creams"

  • Shut-Up and Eat in Toms River
  • Doo Wop Diner in Wildwood
  • Dellas 5 & 10 in Cape May
  • Holsteins in Bloomfield
  • Irv and Karen's Deli in Brick
  • Topps Diner in East Newark
  • Sundaes in Point Pleasant and Manasquan
  • Richman's in Brigantine
  • Sweet Jenny's in Barnegat

There are some of the recommendations we received. Are there any places not on our list that you would add? Now I'm craving an egg cream, I need to get one this week ;)


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