Mortgage/rent, electric, gas, insurance and cell phone are just a few of the monthly expenses most of us have to deal with and there is probably not much that can be done to lower them without a major change.  Then there is our monthly bill for cable and internet service which in my case averages around $300 per month.  We have five TV’s and what seems like hundreds of viewing options include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Peacock, Apple TV, Paramount+, HBO and HBO Max, plenty of sports channels and maybe others that I don’t even know about.

During a recent conversation with a couple of friends we talked about this and we were all in the same neighborhood with our monthly costs even though we did not have the same cable providers.  Then we started discussing how our adult children are among the many who are “cord cutters” and have cancelled their subscription services and dropped pay channels in favor of streaming and over-the-air TV options.  Bottom line is a significant savings each month and more and more millennials are choosing this path when it comes to their entertainment options.

My friends and I would love to reduce our monthly cable and internet expenses but the concept of “cord cutting” is overwhelming.  New technology and new apps to use means new headaches and many of them.  We’re old and often set in our ways and the bottom line is I want to turn my TV on and know the Mets are on Channel 843 most of the time and HBO is channel 300.

So we swallow a large monthly expense which breaks down to about $10 a day.  If you look at it that way it doesn’t seem some bad, does it?

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