It was only a few hours ago we learned that Stranger Things would kick off the Season 2 hype on Super Bowl Sunday, but an even … well, Stranger reveal may be afoot. A cryptic tweet from the official account has sleuths suspecting a late summer premiere date, and some stormy skies ahead.

Mind you, the Stranger Things tweet came shortly after word of an official Season 2 teaser during Sunday’s game, and could merely point to that. Still, the uncaptioned image of a three-day weather report (h/t IGN) yields some interesting clues if you measure the difference in temperature on Friday and Saturday as well as the barometric pressure; 9, 8 and 17:

Those three numbers could be made to suggest a Friday, September 8 premiere (with the Sunday “11”s referencing the character herself), even if September seems notably later in the year. The first season debuted on July 15, though Season 2 does have one more episode to shoot than its predecessor, to say nothing of Netflix shuffling landmark premieres around the three major Marvel series this year.

There’s also no explicit guarantee Netflix will use the Sunday teaser to confirm an official premiere date, but stay tuned for the latest on Stranger Things Season 2 in the meantime.


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