This week Governor Christie gave thumbs up to a study of a bill that would let New Jersey residents pay off Motor Vehicle surcharges with community service... what do you think of this idea?

The Bill S-3015/A-4623 (Rice, Ruiz/Sumter, Oliver, Schaer, Pintor Marin) - Requires study of program allowing community service in lieu of paying motor vehicle surcharges

So here are some questions that popped into my head ....

  • Who determines who can "work off" their bills and how?
  • Would this be work in their community or work for the State?
  • Would residents who are employed be able to schedule their "service" for times when they are off, as to not interfere with their jobs?
  • Will the reduction in paid surcharge's mean higher prices for drivers here in the State? Registration, Insurance Etc etc

Do You like this idea ? Is this a smart move by Governor Christie ?


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