At various points throughout my Scandinavian vacation I saw things that made me say, "That's a great idea!"  Here's Part 1 of the list I compiled:

Coat hangers with locks attached.

I saw this at a museum in Denmark.  As you can see in the photo, the coats get attached with a security device that you, ,the owner, would have control of.   What do you think of this idea?

Blankets on outdoor seats.

  As someone who gets chilly easily, I LOVED having blankets draped over the chairs of the outdoor cafes we ate at.  A few times I put the blanket to use.  Once, I just draped it over my legs; another time I wrapped it around me like a shawl.  These were nice quality blankets.  (I wonder if any get stolen.)  Do any outdoor restaurants around Ocean or Monmouth Counties offer blankets to their customers?

Public lounge chairs.

  At a number of places there were lounge chairs free and available for the public to use.  Remember I was in the land of the people who are known for their happiness and great work-life balance.  I suspect freedom to lounge is part of their secret to success.  I know we have benches along our Jersey Shore boardwalks, but in Scandinavia the loungers I saw were bigger, ergonomically designed, and seemed more inviting.  Where at the Jersey Shore would you like to see such comfy lounge chairs?

Tomorrow I'll share some more observations which should be of interest, especially if you have children and/or dogs.


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