Today of course is Cinco de Mayo and you might expect I would talk about some of the best places to enjoy a taco or burrito with a margarita or ice cold Modelo. While a good friend has hosted some great parties for this occasion I’m not much when it comes to going out to celebrate a holiday that means nothing to me although it’s another step on the road to summer.

Speaking of which it looks like a long-awaited warm up is on the way beginning this weekend.  For the most part the last couple of weeks have not been very spring-like and it feels like every day has been the same.  However that is coming to an end and if all goes well I will be wearing shorts starting next week and hopefully through September.

There are certainly signs that summer is approaching.  Blinking lights on Route 35 from Lavallette to Seaside Park are no longer just blinking yellow so watch out for the red and green.  Parking meters are now being enforced so even if you’re just going for a 15 minute run along the boardwalk you better pay or you might find a ticket on your window when you return.  Lifeguard stands are getting painted in preparation for their debuts on Memorial Day Weekend which is just three weeks away.

Lifeguard stands in Seaside Heights have been painted and are ready
Lifeguard stands in Seaside Heights have been painted and are ready

If we have a nice weekend expect to see increased activity in all the beach towns along the Jersey Shore.  Owners are getting their homes ready whether renting them or planning to stay in their beach house for the summer.  I know we are in the early part of “prom season” but that usually brings a younger clientele down to the shore although there are supposedly greater restrictions on them and landlords.

Of course this is all tied into the opening lyrics of a popular song by The Beatles.  “Here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right.”

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