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One of the less exciting parts of Christmas is the ”wrapping” of presents. This topic leads us to the choice....wrap or bag your holiday gifts?

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To be honest I have never been a great ”wrapper”  and it seems like a lot of wasted effort for me to wrap. Not to mention all the paper. I’ll be honest with my presents I will go for the gift bag before wrapping it.

One way around the wrapping dilemma is if the store your shopping in offers gift wrapping service, this is a home run for someone like me. Not all stores do however, offer the service. Maybe a thing of the past? I think it was Boscov’s that used to wrap for you and they did a great job. It came in handy.

So if there are bags available then I will definitely go for the bags. A nice holiday bag with some tissue and ”boom” you have a nice gift that looks good. Personally I do not have a problem with recycling bags. Any bags I get with gifts are good for me to use the following year. This way I’m reusing a bag which was barely used. So save your bags and re-gift the ”gift bag” next year.



So what is your choice ”gift wrap” or ”gift bag” ?



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