You may have woken up this morning to a surprise in your bank account to the tune of $1,200 thanks to Uncle Sam.

The U.S. Treasury confirmed that the first big batch of stimulus checks, officially Economic Impact Payments, hit the bank accounts of millions of Americans overnight.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to this notification from my bank:

Stimulus Pic

According to MSN, up to 70 million Americans who have direct deposit already set up with the IRS should be seeing the payments today.

If you didn't get a payment today, the IRS has a new website that launched today where you can track your payment and enter direct deposit information if they don't already have it on file for you.

The government is encouraging people to get set up digitally as it'll still be a while before paper checks might come in the mail, possibly even weeks.

The irony definitely wasn't lost on me that the government is giving millions of Americans money on the day that, traditionally, is the deadline to file your income taxes, but the April 15th deadline was extended to July 15th weeks ago.


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