We broadcast out of studios in downtown Toms River, a town of over 90,000 in Ocean County.  While we're fairly densely populated here, we're in no way close to New York City, Philadelphia, or Trenton.  On the other hand, we're a long way away from a small, rural town with no stoplights.  Surprisingly, there are a couple of towns in New Jersey that are teeny tiny, with just handfuls of people.  Would you consider moving to one of these?

  1. Corbin City is located in Atlantic County and boasts a population of roughly 500 people.
  2. Millstone is part of Somerset County and is even smaller, with just over 420 people.
  3. Harvey Cedars - here in Ocean County, has just over 1/2 mile of land and 300 people.
  4. Mantoloking, also here in Ocean County, is one of the wealthiest communities in Jersey and one of the smallest with just over 300 people.
  5. Cape May Point in Cape County is less than 1/3 mile and has under 300 residents.
  6. Loch Arbour in Monmouth County likely has more seagulls than humans.  With a landmass of 1/10 of a mile, they have under 200 people.
  7. Teterboro in Bergen County is known for an airport and golf course but has less than 100 residents.
  8. Walpack Township in Sussex County gets us to the top 3 and get us under 3 digits with under 70 inhabitants.
  9. Pine Valley in Camden County is almost a mile in size and almost has 12 residents.
  10. Tavistock in Camden County tops our list as New Jersey's smallest town with just 5 residents.  Think of that, 1 baby born grows the population by 20%.  Amazing!


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