Ocean County drivers, I have a question.  Actually I have two questions.  Number One:  Why do people change lanes excessively on the Parkway and Turnpike?  Number Two:  when changing lanes, why don't people use their directional signals?

Through my rear view mirror I saw a guy weaving in and out of traffic.  He soon was in front of me, gaining speed and going in and out of lanes ahead of me.  It looked as though he thought he was in a real-life videogame.  It appeared like he had no regard for any other drivers.  I'm sure I was not the only one whose heart raced a little faster as he put all of us at risk.

What's with the excessive lane changes?  Why do people cross from left to right and back again?  Isn't going straight ultimately quicker than moving side to side?

Frankly I don't care if someone's is in a hurry.  I DO care if my car and others are at risk of being hit because of someone's selfishness, stupidity, and/or "invincible" attitude.

And as for the directional signals, why don't people use them?  It doesn't cost any money or take any time really.  A fraction of a second, if that.  Why don't people communicate their intentions so others can respond accordingly?

Do you have any answers?  Or even theories?

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