Today is National Siblings Day.  It might not get as much attention as Mothers Day or Fathers Day, but it's worth celebrating.  These are the people who are our very first friends.  We learn from them: how to share, how to argue, how to compromise.  They are playmates and confidants.  They upset us and look out for us.

I only have one sibling, but she's a good one!  Though we are very different in many ways, we help each other through the tough times and have a lot of fun together during the good times.

Some of my friends are from really big families.  They've told me stories of sometimes wishing they would have gotten more attention from the parents.  But they've also shared stories of sibling loyalty and love that I found really moving.

And of course I know that there are rifts in some families so today you may not be seeing your brother or sister in a positive light.

But for those of you who getting along well (or at least reasonably well) with your sibs, tell us the thing you like most about having siblings.  And if you're from a big family with lots of kids, let us know how many.  Please post in the Comments section.  Thanks and enjoy your day!

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