I watched the film "Mother's Day" last night.  It in, director Garry Marshall shows motherhood from many different angles.  In one storyline, Jennifer Aniston's divorced character is jealously watching her ex's new wife happily taking on the stepmom role.  In another scene, we see a child grow up with two moms.  In another, we see some grandmothers increasing their involvement in the young ones' lives.

It was a good reminder that women can be positive role models whether they birthed a child or not.  Not having any kids of my own, I like to think I've helped guide and support the children who have been in my life at various stages.

You may be a stepmom, helping raise your partner’s children.  Maybe you’re a grandmother or aunt who had to take over the role of primary caregiver.  You might be a single person without kids who is an awesome coach or school volunteer.  Perhaps you’re involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Ocean County.

Whether or not we grew a child in us or not, we can all be part of the team that helps shape young lives.

So if you felt a little left out yesterday with all the thanks and praise being given on Mother’s Day, I just wanted to remind you to look on bright side.  If you’re interacting with youths in positive, meaningful ways, then you’re helping.  There are a lot of us non-Moms who still are good role models for young people.

Besides your own mother, what woman in your life made the most impact on who you are today?

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