It's National Drive-Thru Day so we salute all of the New Jersey businesses who let us do business while staying in our cars.  It's a convenience that was started in the late 1940s for people who wanted food but didn't want to go into the restaurant.  Think about all the fast food drive-thrus there are around these days!

And do you remember when banks created drive-thru lanes?  I recall my cousin in San Diego taking me to her bank and showing me how the money goes in the tube which gets sucked into that tunnel and arrives at the teller's work station.  I had never seen anything like that before!  But now I use drive-thru banking all the time.

Big name pharmacies have gotten into the drive-thru game.  That service works well when you're sick and don't want to infect people in the store.

While everyone's welcome to go to a drive-thru, it's a service that's probably most appreciated by parents who don't want to get the kids out of and back into the car, people who have difficulty walking, and people who run errands with their dogs, like I do.  (Thanks to the bank tellers who give Taylor a biscuit each time!)

Do you regularly use drive-thru services?  Have you ever been to a drive-thru convenience store?  Liquor store?  Dry cleaner?  Ever attended a drive-thru wedding?

Please share in the Comments section.

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