Back at the end of last summer, we told you that Casino Pier would be bringing back a classic favorite for 2019, and we're getting even more details of the new rides coming to Seaside Heights this year.

In September, the folks at Casino Pier let the cat out of the bag when they announced what was behind the "Coming Soon" sign that had been teasing visitors for weeks, the classic favorite "Centrifuge" would be back on the boardwalk.

My colleague Nicole Murray over at our sister station 94.3 The Point also highlighted another three rides that will be making their debut this year:

Mermaid Parade log flume  - 130 foot-long track with a small drop at the end

Elephant Express - Young riders can climb on the back of an elephant and take flight using lever controls

Crazy Cabs - This ride will spin clockwise and counter-clockwise on an angled, motion-based platform.

There will also be a bunch of new boardwalk games to go along with the new rides.

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