The reason I spent last week in San Diego was to help my friend after her knee replacement surgery.  She’s doing well and I’m glad I could assist.  Thanks to those of you who offered advice on how to be a good caregiver.  Some suggestions involved offering distraction,  binge watching TV shows, and helping keep track of her medications.

I wore so many hats while staying with her:  driver, food preparer, shopper, barista, house keeper, personal secretary, counselor, and coach.  Those jobs were in addition to the one that helped with her mobility.  I got the walker out of the car and held onto the gait belt if she were to get weak. And I supported her during her required hourly walks around the condo.

So while the week in San Diego had beautiful weather, I didn’t have much time to enjoy it.  Being caregiver is a hard job!  I was only on duty for a week and salute those of you who do this day after day.  Whether paid or unpaid, the work you do is very impmortant.  And it’s not as easy as it looks!

I continue to be impressed with how medical staff have to juggle the needs and personalities of many different patients simultaneiously.  All while trying to keep a good bedside manner (when I’m sure they often feel stressed or annoyed at some of the demanding patients.)

My days as “nurse” are over for now and I’m happy to get back to life as a midday radio host.

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