It's ironic that the wildfires in California are making headlines this week when it's actually Fire Prevention Week.  We've seen shocking footage and sad reports of death and destruction.  We've seen video proof of how quickly flames can spread.

In a family home, flames can spread in just minutes.  People who don't get out in time can suffer life-threatening burns and disfiguring injuries.  My sister cared for hundreds of such patients during her 10 years as a nurse in a hospital burn unit.

I interviewed her for this blog and want to share some of her comments to help you keep safe from fire dangers.

Smoke Detectors:  Don't just have them throughout he house.  Make sure they work.  Changing the battery every time you adjust the clock one hour is good advice.

Fire Extinguisher:  Know how to use it.  Remember the PASS acronym: Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.  You can find instructional videos on YouTube.

Candles:  These are how many house fires start.  She advises NOT using candles in the bedroom because you may fall asleep while they're still lit.  She says candles should never be in a room that's unattended.  Keep them away from edges of tables so a pet or child won't knock them over.  Don't have anything near a candle that could catch fire.

Matches and Lighters:  Kids of all ages are intrigued by these things.  Remove the temptation by keeping matches and lighters out of sight.  That way the kids won't touch them.

These are just some suggestions from one person who has seen first-hand the physical and emotional trauma caused by house fires.  For more information about the risk of fires caused by kitchen equipment and heaters, and additional Fire Safety tips, visit the National Fire Protection Association website.

Have you ever been in a fire or have you ever had a close call with flames?


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