We have been dealing with this COVID-19 Pandemic for one year now so when the world opens up, I already have plans to go BUCK WILD!

You think I'm kidding....it's cute.....

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Once everyone is vaccinated, those hopping Jersey Shore bars are going to be jumping and I cannot wait.

There are A LOT of businesses at the Jersey Shore but if you stick with me, I will show you where to go for that ultimate Summer vibe.

During the Summer, I want refreshing cocktails, to be waterside and I DO NOT want to dine inside.

So here are some of the best spots I suggest....god speed....

P.S. Did I miss any that others should know about? Shoot me an email at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com so I can add!

Top Jersey Shore Bars I Can't Wait To Hit Up This Summer

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