This next recall has me sad yet nostalgic.

If you haven't ever heard of Capri Sun, seriously don't talk to me. It is one of my favorite beverages ever! (Behind wine, of course)

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It is juice that comes in a playful pouch and fun fact, I've seen adult Capri Sun pouches around the Jersey Shore but I have had trouble tracking them down.


If you find them, email me at but now back to the recall information.

According to, "Kraft Heinz, the parent company of Capri Sun, is recalling the Wild Cherry Flavored Juice Drink Blend beverage due to the presence of cleaning fluid in the product."

Cleaning fluid tastes nasty. How do I know?

Because Kraft Heinz only caught the error when customers started complaining about the off taste.

This recall pertains to 5,760 cases -- which equates to almost 230,000 individual pouches -- of Capri Sun and luckily, only the Wild Cherry flavor was effected.

Capri Sun (Photo Credit: Amazon)
Capri Sun (Photo Credit: Amazon)

According to, "the sell by date on the [effected] cases is June 25, 2023."

The cleaning liquid, "inadvertently went into the production line," at one of the Capri Sun factories.

Stores should get rid of these contaminated packages.

If you discover you bought one of the recalled containers, bring it back to the store you bought it at for a refund.

Once you get a safe batch of Capri Sun...POUCHES UP!

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