If you want to try some different beers, you can get a flight of beer.

If you want to taste a few different kinds of whiskey, you can get a flight.

If you're undecided on wine, you can get a flight of that, too.

So, why not have a flight of ice cream too?

That's what Dairy Queen is doing, giving us the chance to check out their "Mini Flight" of Blizzard treats through May.

You get to choose three different Blizzards to try out on each "flight".

So far, I've confirmed that the Dairy Queen locations on Route 9 in Bayville and on Fischer Blvd in Toms River are participating, and it couldn't hurt to give your local DQ a buzz before you go to make sure that they're participating, too.

You can read more about the Blizzard Mini Flight and see their new flavors for 2019 by clicking here.



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