So, 2021 wasn't bad enough. Did you know that while you were wearing your mask, and then not wearing your mask, and then wearing it again, you were doing it all in the confines of the 3rd rudest state in America?

Now, I'm not sure if this is reputation-driven or what, but I'm here to tell you that New Jersey is absolutely not a rude state, although some of our tactics might be misinterpreted by those less seasoned in the ways of the Garden State.

Here's why I think people outside New Jersey think we're being rude when we're really not.

5 New Jersey Things That Are Misunderstood As Rudeness

But this study is not just perception. There's actually data behind it. But the data comes from, wit for it, us. Yes, that's right. The results were taken from answers provided by residents of each state about their own state.

So, it turns out my theory of non-New Jersey people seeing us all wrong is well, all wrong. We apparently see ourselves that way, and that might be the rudest thing of all. you can check out all the results at YouGovAmerica.

For the record, the only states in the study that are ruder are Massachusetts and, apparently, the granddaddy of all rudeness Rhode Island.

If you're looking to get your family away from all this self-admitted rudeness here in the Garden State, you can fill up the tank and high tail it to South Dakota and Vermont, the numbers 3 and 2 states for politeness.

The car won't get you to the nicest state in the nation, but Hawaiin Airlines will. You better leave your Jersey Rude card back home.

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