I'm all for being prepared.

I like being ready ahead of time for vacations and holidays like most of us, but can we agree that the retail calendar in this day and age is rushing us through the seasons and has kind of gotten ridiculous?

Today is July 12th, it's only been summer for 20 days. We still have 72 more days of summer.

But what did I see yesterday while shopping?


Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

Most kids in Ocean County go back to school right after Labor Day, September 5th for Toms River schools.

That's 55 days away from this writing.

I feel like we've gone from "being prepared in advance" to not even being able to enjoy the individual seasons anymore.

Keep in mind, we live in a world where stores start putting out Christmas decorations only a week into fall (which, by the way, two years ago I spotted at the very same retailer that I just spotted this mid-summer back to school sale at).

Being prepared is good, but so is being able to sit back, relax, enjoy the seasons, and letting time move along at a reasonable pace, not just rushing from one holiday sale to the next.


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