A narcotics investigation by police in Evesham Township into the illegal sale of heroin results in the arrests of two Camden City residents Monday.

Vermont Battles With Deadly Heroin Epidemic
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Dwayne, 32, and Tracy Adkins, 23, were arrested a business parking lot on Route 70 where police were conducting an undercover sting and found 24-bags of heroin, PCP and Ecstasy in their possession.

Dwayne is charged with 2nd degree distribution of heroin, 3rd Possession of heroin, and 3rd degree possession of PCP.

He was brought into the Burlington County Jail with no bail.

Tracy is charged with 3rd degree Possession of Ecstasy.

She was brought into the Burlington County Jail with no bail.

The Evesham Police Investigative Unit and the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office conducted the narcotics investigation into the illegal sale of heroin.

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