The internet has made it easier than ever to buy and sell things to people in your neighborhood. 

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While online marketplaces make getting rid of things you don't need anymore or finding a bargain on something you do need very convenient, there is also a layer of mystery to them, because you don't know the person you're making the transaction with. My bearded friend Varacchi, on our sister station 105.7 the Hawk, discovered that the Beachwood Police Department has found a way to add protection to in-person transactions from online marketplaces.

Introducing "Safe Exchange Zones!" Varacchi spotted a post on the Beachwood Police Department's Facebook page that explains that a "Safe Exchange Zone" has been added to the Beachwood Municipal Complex with security cameras so that transactions can be recorded and patrolled. Online marketplace buyers and sellers can use the "Safe Exchange Zone" from 8 am - 4 pm. The zones are marked by signs. The address is 1600 Pinewald Road, Beachwood NJ 08722. Check out the full post below.

Varacchi also mentioned that there are also "Safe Exchange Zones" in Brick and Toms River. I think "Safe Exchange Zones" are a great idea. I have personally never engaged in an online transaction because of the fear of who I may be interacting with, but the "Safe Exchange Zone" definitely eases the fear I have surrounding that. I think that more towns should consider adding these zones.

Do you use online marketplaces to buy and sell things? What do you think about "Safe Exchange Zones?"

Diana Tyler
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