It's a sight that weary drivers between Toms River and Seaside waited all winter to see - construction barricades disappearing from the approaches to the Mathis and Tunney Bridges, as the overhaul of the Mathis drawbridge wraps up for the rest of Spring and Summer.


The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) said that Schiavone Construction begins removing the barriers at 11 AM on Thursday, May 11, in preparation for eastbound passage on all three lanes by Saturday morning, May 13.

The federally-funded, $74,000,000 overhaul on the Mathis is due for completion by Summer 2018. It includes a complete deck replacement, barrier and railing upgrades, and mechanical and electrical repairs for the lift span.

Other additions are new warning gates and lights, a new operator's control station and installation of "approximately 80 percent" of the electrical components that operate the moveable bridge and cameras. New approaches are on the schedule starting this Fall. The fixed-span Tunney, alongside, carries cars in both directions during construction.

NJDOT's detailed description of the project can be found in a portal on its NJCommuter site, marked "Construction Updates."

The department's project hotline is 732-230-7356, and questions or comments can be emailed directly to NJDOT.

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