The would-be purse-snatcher who attacked a woman outside the Brick Township Target on July 31 remains a step ahead of the law. Police hope that surveillance video will jar the memory of anyone who might have seen it happen.

Still shot of surveilliance video from Target in Brick. The circle indicates the area where the robbery took place (Brick Police via YouTube)

Investigators who responded to the robbery call outside the Route 70 store learned that the victim was attacked as she neared the passenger side of a friend's vehicle.

Police say that the suspect pulled her downward from behind and tried to wrestle her handbag from her grasp. The victim's friend stepped in and forced the attacker to dart empty-handed into nearby woods. A search of the area revealed no one.

The suspect was described as a man of medium build, about 5'10". He was said to be wearing a dark ski mask, long-sleeved black tee-shirt, jeans and white sneakers bearing the Nike emblem.

Scan the videos paying special attention to the top, left wobmcorner of the video and if you can help the investigation, call Brick Township Police Detective Daniel Waleski, 732-262-1170.