Back in the spring, AMC movie theater officials promised us that "the most amazing moviegoing experience" was coming to Brick Plaza. Well, good news! They made good on their promise and Brick's AMC Loews Theatre is now as luxurious as their corporate sister location at the Monmouth Mall.

Brick Plaza's theater now features couch-like recliners in stadium seating screening rooms.

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

Not only is the movie going experience in Brick now more comfortable, but it's more convenient too.

On a weekend like this, where the fall blockbuster season really kicks into gear, one of the things that I least liked about going to the movies was having to arrive early, wait in line, and hope for good seats.

But now you can make reservations days ahead of time so you know that you won't be stuck in bad seats.

It's an overdue renovation for a theater that's been in need of an upgrade for quite some time.

Are you planning on going to the movies this weekend? If so, what are you going to see? Comment below and let us know!

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