Heads up if you're a commuter who passes through one of the busiest parts of Brick today. After many months of work, crews are out right now getting ready to flip the switch and turn on a number of new traffic lights.

In anticipation of this week's expected opening of Parkway Exit 91 B-A that we told you about last week, a number of new lights will be controlling traffic around the new interchange:

  • Lanes Mill Road & Stephan Road (at the Dorado Plaza commuter lot)
  • Lanes Mill Road & Herborn Avenue
  • Burrsville Road at the Parkway jughandle
  • Lanes Mill Road just North of the Burnt Tavern Road and Burrsville Road intersection

And finally, a badly needed light will now control the traffic going from Lanes Mill onto Burnt Tavern Road at the Parkway interchange. In the past, this has always been just a stop sign that many drivers considered to be a yield sign instead.

As of this writing, the two lights on Lanes Mill Road south of Burnt Tavern Road, at Stephan Road and Herborn Avenue, are the first to be switched on.

It could be interesting over the coming days and weeks to see how the new signals will impact the traffic on a stretch that gets notoriously backed up, especially during the morning and afternoon commute times.

How do you feel about these new signals? Do you think that they will help with dangerous crossings like cars coming in and out of the commuter lot, or do you think that it will back traffic up even more in a well known trouble spot?


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