We all face many decisions every day.

Cereal or toast?

Bring lunch or buy it?

Paper or plastic?

But one couple from Brick has a decision to make that most of would love to be saddled with - take a check for $1.275 million, or look forward to a $5,000 check every month for the rest of your life?

That's what Keith from Brick and his wife will have to decide in the near future, as they enjoy the whirlwind shock of scratching off a winning ticket in the NJ Lottery's "Win For Life" game.

As many of us do, Keith was grabbing his coffee one morning. Along with his daily cup of joe, he also got a few scratch-off tickets.

Imagine his surprise when he scratched away, and stared down at a ticket worth over a million dollars.

He tells the NJ Lottery that he then texted his wife with the good news, who initially thought that it was just a small prize winner, and only realized that they scored the jackpot when she looked again later in the day.

Keith and his wife say that they'll use the money to pay bills and enjoy a well deserved vacation.

Congrats to the lucky couple from right here in Ocean County!


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