It's hard to believe that the Apple iPhone will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Since then, smartphones have become truly ubiquitous.

And with that in mind, some shore towns want to make it easier for you to stay powered up while you spend a day at the beach.

I just got back from vacation and noticed how easy it was to charge a phone just about anywhere.

Charging stations are everywhere these days; from airports to malls, cafeterias to even the individual airplane seats themselves.

In the past, you had to be judicious about your smartphone use, especially when traveling. If you weren't carrying an extra battery or external charger with you, when the phone died, that was that unless you could find a free outlet somewhere and happened to have a power adapter with you.

But these days, as long as you have a charging cable with you, a quick juice-up is as close as a public charging station.

The one in the photo above was spotted on the Belmar boardwalk by my colleague Liz Jeressi, and there are sure to be others scattered throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties by the time summer rolls around.

Have you noticed phone charging stations showing up in new places? Tell us where in the comments section below!



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