Blunt force trauma injuries caused the deaths of the mother and preteen son in Wednesday afternoon's tragedy in Lacey Township, and they were homicide victims, according to findings by the Ocean County Medical Examiner.


"I hesitantly make this announcement in light of the relentless media interest and subsequent coverage in hopes of quickly putting this sad episode to rest," Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato said in prepared remarks.

"I hope to minimize the trauma to these families in any way possible."

Information from the Prosecutor's Office identifies the woman as Kimberly Dunphey, 48, and the young boy as Owen Scott, 7. A marital conflict is believed to have triggered the bludgeoning.

Gregg Scott, the husband and father, is believed to have been the attacker. Investigators suggest that his wounds were self-inflicted. He died during hospitalization. His body undergoes examination today.

Investigators stopped short of identifying the weapon or implement that was used, fueling continued speculation that has led to published reports that the Prosecutor has, so far, refused to verify.

Coronato added, "In lieu of this unspeakable event, I ask the public and media to respect the family's privacy."

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