This is likely a subject matter that would be best left for women to debate but more than four decades on the air allows me to take it on…even if I have to be careful.

One of the best parts of summer at the shore is the bikini which can be a head turner and conversation starter…men turn their heads while women talk.  To be honest I have always found the bathing suit issue to be a fascinating one for many reasons, especially in recent years when local beaches have been filled with young girls and women wearing the very revealing and cheeky thong bikini.

I laugh when I think about how little of the body is actually covered by them as they strut along the beach.  However if for some reason you bumped into these same women in the changing room of a clothing store and they were wearing only a bra and panties my guess is they would quickly cover up, possibly scream and likely be somewhat embarrassed.  However they have have no problem walking a crowded beach wearing an even more revealing bikini.  So why do they wear them?  There are likely five main reasons:

  • To get an all-over tan
  • Comfort
  • Easy to get in and out of
  • You can mix and match tops and bottoms
  • It makes you look and feel sexy

Of course all or none of the above could be the truth in some cases.  Speaking of which should the age and status of a woman factor into their decision to wear a revealing bathing suit?  In other words, is it different for an 18-year old teenage than say a 35-year old mother of two?

Bottom line is that everyone should likely wear a bathing suit that matches their body but in the end it’s what they’re comfortable with.  Just remember we men look at women on the beach and rarely if ever feel guilty about it…unless we get caught by our wives.

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