Always enjoy sharing local Jersey Shore history with you and enjoy when we have special “on this day in history” moments to share with you at home. It’s great to know about our rich history here in New Jersey and especially for us here at the Jersey Shore.


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Today, June 28th, we had a major battle during the Revolutionary War take place right here in Monmouth County. Today we go back 243 years in history …..

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It was on this day in history, June 28th 1778, that the Battle of Monmouth Court House took place. This summertime battle took place right in Freehold. The Battle of Monmouth Court House pitted George Washington’s Continental Army against Sir Henry Clinton’s British Army.

Depending on who you asked you probably received to different answers as to who won that day. British officers calling it a draw, while American forces declared a “moral victory”. The Continental Army held the field that day during the battle with some of the best English troops in New Jersey. Sir Henry Clinton’s troops were withdrawing  from Philadelphia and headed to New York when George Washington clashed with the English in Freehold.

Another significant part of the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse was the rise of the legend of Molly Pitcher, who played a role in the battle. Molly Pitchers’ real name may have been Mary Ludwig Hayes. According to legend Molly served as a water carrier during the Battle when her husband fell at his canon position Molly jumped in and helped loading the canon in his place.  An action commended by General George Washington himself.


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